The Value of Pet Portraits: Just Some Wall Art?
The Value of Pet Portraits: Just Some Wall Art?

The Value of Pet Portraits: Just Some Wall Art?

acrylic family portrait of cats in various colors in goofy poses painterly style

If you have pets of your own, you no doubt have tons of photos of them in your phone. Many of us also proudly display them to our coworkers, friends, and online socials. Their existence in itself warms our hearts. The pets in my home are undoubtedly part of the family (in fact, they are my entire world.) Many people feel the same about their own companions. People love their pets so much, that they are even getting handmade paintings of their likeness to display in their home. It’s no secret that the value of pet portraits are rising more and more by the day.

Pet Portraits Recent Rise to Fame?

Why are pet portraits all of the rage recently? Well, pet portraits have actually been around since antiquity. Check out this interesting article for examples! However, when viewing the current art market with a modern lens, more and more people are finding it worth the investment to hire professional artists to paint their pets. Between changing family structures, a deeper appreciation for our pets, and the increasing number of working artists, the pet portrait is swiftly claiming its spot as the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Change in the Modern Family

In our fast-paced world, many are waiting longer to have children, having fewer children, or even choosing to be child-free. Between seeking higher education, busier lifestyles, and a tough economy, the family structure of the modern American family is rapidly changing. Pets are now filing that familial niche for many people.

People are Investing More in the Happiness & Health of their Pets

This part goes hand-in-hand with the previous section. Couples and individuals alike are embracing the new role of their furry companions. Many of us treat our pets as our own children; people are putting more thought into the happiness and longevity of their pets’ lives. I worked in a specialty pet retail store for about two years, and I saw for myself the dramatic growth of higher quality pet foods, products for enrichment, and a overall increased consumer awareness in the specific needs of their pets in various stages of life and health. As people become more informed about pet care, the better they are treating their furry friends.

Art is Becoming More Accessible

Lastly, there is a larger availability of artists creating pet portraits in different styles, mediums, and price points. Paired with the popularity and accessibility of social media, more and more people are exposed to services artists offer from all over the world! A popular and well know platform, Etsy, showcases brilliant watercolor paintings, downloadable digital portraits, and hyper realistic renderings of cats, dogs, and exotic pets alike. You can find an artist working in any style or medium you are interested in with a quick search! How neat is that? Gone are the days where art was only available to fine art insiders and upper class individuals.

Types of Pet Portraits

As pet portraits gain more popularity, the more diverse pet portraits are becoming! Let’s take a look at a handful of them.

Pet Portrait Photography

Similar to family, senior, and other types of portrait photography, some photographers are creating pet portraits with their cameras! Even though pets are notorious for being difficult to pose for photos (I can’t even get a decent picture with my phone half the time), some photographers have dedicated their whole career to capturing our pets.

Realistic Paintings


This is a classic form of portraiture. Since antiquity, artists were painting pets and people using lustrous oil paints. Now creatives have a variety of mediums to choose from like watercolor, gouache, and acrylic paints. These kinds of portraits are offered far and wide, and can be easily found on sites such as Etsy.

Stylistic Paintings

the value of pet portraits in ink of golden doodle with white aura and goldenrod flowers

A variety of pet portraits that I’ve created using a variety of mediums pictured above.

With the contemporary art movement & beyond, some artists have decided to push pet portraits in a way distinct from realty while still capturing the complete personality of the pet(s). You can guarantee that pet portraits in this category will both act as bold presence in any space its placed in. WellI might be biased because this is my own personal avenue for creating portraits. However, I truly think there is something magical about leaving the hard rules of reality behind in my art. It allows both the artist and client to get creative & expand on their pets behaviors, quirks, and personalities.

Reasons People are Choosing to Invest in Pet Portraits

Let’s face it. We all love our pets, but for many pet portraits are a luxury. Despite that, many people are still finding custom pet portraits a worthwhile investment.

Liven Up Their Home – The Value of Pet Portraits will Always Rise

At the very core of it, artwork at its very core increases the aesthetic value in any space. Paintings are authentic, one of a kind home décor that captures the attention of anyone who visits the home. Many collectors also utilize art as a source of personal inspiration, why not turn your pet into something like that for yourself?

Capture their Personality

From the very beginning of my creative career, clients would commission to me for a specific reason. I turned their beloved pets into divine beings with a style distinct from anyone else. Encapsulated in botanical elements, their pet’s personalities would shine through the canvas. I pride myself into devoting a large amount of time into getting to know the needs of every client. The client & I come together to make artistic decisions that best reflect their pet, whether that be a particular medium, color, or surrealist elements. The beauty of painting is that sometimes you can capture the essence of someone or something in a way that’s greater than life.

The Perfect Gift for Pet Parents

If you are like me, I become an anxious mess whenever the time comes around to find a gift for a loved one. Depending on the occasion and nature of the relationship, a customized pet portrait might be just what you need to show your appreciation. I’ve created many pet portraits that were to be gifted. Clients report back that pet portraits are received as an overwhelmingly wonderful surprise. One of them was even a wedding gift; I was thrilled to hear back that the bride and groom said the pet portrait was the best wedding gift they received!

Memorialize a Loved One

Lastly, people get pet portraits to remember a pet who’s passed. Pet portraits are a permanent, keepsake that showcase all the love they gave during their time with us.

For the Love of Pets

We all cherish our pets. Many of them have formed deep relationships with us and continue to become integral parts of our families. From portrait photography to handmade works of art, there a many reasons why people cherish these pet portraits. Are you interested in getting one of your own? Check out my Pet Portraits Portfolio!



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