Lex R Thomas
The Human Condition (2022)

The Human Condition (2022)

Artist Statment

I investigate the stories of humanity via brushstrokes on canvas – but not the ones which we share with anyone outside our own minds. My figurative paintings inspired by nature echo the emotions that we experience in solitude. By mixing one color at a time and layering them into human forms, creatures, and landscapes, I reveal moments of intimacy, reflection, tragedy, and grief – the human condition. 

Recovery | 11x14 inches | Acrylic on Canvas
Lotus Pond | 18x24 inches | Acrylic on Canvas | Available
Frigid | 8x10 inches | Acrylic & Thread on Canvas | Available
lexrthomas original acrylic painting in wooden frame of medium skin toned figure with short brown hair on sandy beach with citrus fruits
Loquats | 12x12 inches | Acrylic on Paper | Sold
Poppy Fields | 16x20 inches | Acrylic on Canvas
Stagnant Solitude | 11x14 inches | Acrylic on Canvas | Available
lex r thomas original acrylic painting framed of nude figure bent forward in spiraling green moss cave
Spiral | 8x10 inches | Acrylic on Paper | Sold
Acceptance | 11x14 inches | Acrylic on Canvas | Available
Danakil Lovers | 12x16 inches | Acrylic on Canvas | Available
painted self portrait of lex r thomas with short brown hair looking up as waves crash over them with a pink snake and magnolias overhead
Sea of Consciousness | 20x20 inches | Acrylic on Canvas | Donated to the Russo permanent collection.
Official exhibition poster for The Human Condition

“Recovery” accepted in a group show titled Assez / Enough  featuring a collection of Acadian artists in Basin Arts.

My work hanging in the open space of Gallery Russo
Posing with my partner in front of "Along the Blooming Shore"
"Spiral" sold during the opening of my show
My family & I next to "Recovery" during the Assez/Enough opening reception
Attendants during my opening reception