Lex R Thomas
Custom Painted Portraits

Custom Painted Portraits

“very communicative”

Lex is incredibly talented and easy to work with. They’re very communicative and take input seriously. I’ve commissioned them for my own pet portraits and for friends as gifts! Super impressive portraits and Lex even mailed them out so I could gift them to my friends while on a trip! I’m a repeat customer for sure – highly recommend working with Lex 💕

Kate Johnson

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“enchanting and beautiful”

I’ve been a Patreon supporter and buyer of Lex’s for a while and seeing the behind-the-scenes of their art process is enchanting and beautiful! I have several of their prints and originals in my home and they all add tremendously to the spaces they’re in.

I am always blown away by the depth of their art, with saturated neutrals and interesting subject matter. The process of purchasing from their shop, custom work included, is always seamless and done with great care on Lex’s end. They’re super communicative and collaborative all the way through the process. And of course the end result is so high quality and gorgeous! Highly highly recommend purchasing from them!

Morgan Osantowski

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“very interactive and responsive”

I subscribe to Lex’s Patreon and get prints—even originals—monthly, and it’s a steal! (Seriously, I spend more on frames than I do on the actual subscription.) My home is filled with them, and I always receive compliments from visitors. Lex is also very interactive and responsive, and it’s always a pleasure discussing their art-making process and the inspirations behind the things that hang on my wall. I highly recommend looking into this unique artist, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, or Patreon. (They also do commissions!)

Alex Boudreaux

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“SERIOUS talent”

I’ve known Lex for a while and they NEVER disappoint when it comes to art! It’s a real passion and they have SERIOUS talent. You really cannot go wrong here.

William Boudreaux

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“pleasure to work with”

Lex is an amazingly talented artist and lovely human being and is a pleasure to work with. Love the two portraits they have done for my partner and I of our fur babies!

Brook Porter

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“Couldn’t recommend them more”

Lex was such a pleasure to work with. Constantly kept me updated with the stages of the piece and was very flexible with everything. The piece she painted for me is now my favorite part of my tiny apartment and I’ll be bringing it with me wherever I go! Couldn’t recommend them more.

Caleb Hebert

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“cherished in our household forever”

Lex has done a solo portrait of one of our cats and portrait of all our animals together. Both are so lovely and will be cherished in our household forever.

Jared Young

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“a cherished momento”

I commissioned Lex to do a pet portrait as a gift for my mom in early 2019. I didn’t have the best photos to give them for the commission but they told me it would work. WOW!!! Lex blew me away with their gifts and raw talent. They captured both of my mom’s dogs with their sweet personalities with perfection. What we didn’t know was that my mom’s Boston terrier would soon be diagnosed with cancer and would pass away in September of 2019. Not only was this commissioned pet portrait a wonderful gift, but it’s a cherished momento for my mom to remember her sweet pets by. I highly recommend Lex for all of your Art needs!! ❤️

Melinda Hazlewood

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“I get so many compliments”

Lex is amazing! I’m absolutely in love with my portrait of Aria. Lex is so easy to talk too, I gave them so many different photos of Aria (getting Aria to look at the camera for a photo is difficult) and lex created this!! Arias
Portrait hangs by the front door and I get so many compliments on lex’s artwork! They are the best 🖤

Tate Kellum

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“takes all your needs into consideration”

Lex is an absolutely phenominal artist to work with!! Never gets frustrated with questions and takes all your needs into consideration when making your custom art!! Would recommend to anyone who wants a custom piece done!

Tia Marvin

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“wonderful job on my pet portrait!”

Lex is an amazing artist and did a wonderful job on my pet portrait! They painted my big fat cat, Churchie, and he looked gorgeous!! They have so much talent and drive to create amazing art!

Amelia Lafleur

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“better than I ever imagined it”

Lex paintings are amazing and they’re filled with passion. They take much pride in their work and completely understands the meaning behind their art. They painted a canvas for me that was better than I ever imagined it. Dedication and commitment best describes Lex and their portraits.

Donyell Young


“art that seriously brought me to tears!”

” a stunning piece of art that seriously brought me to tears! I had ordered this print in honor of my precious black cat who recently passed away after fifteen years. he loved wandering through our garden and this print reminded me exactly of that. Lex, I cannot thank you enough for this and for the free gift as well.. it looks so similar to him and my youngest cat together. I cant wait to frame both! thank you thank you thank you❤️ never stop creating!! “


Etsy Customer

“I felt very involved in the process”

Lex is incredibly talented and kind! They kept me updated with the progress every step of the way, and I felt very involved in the process. I can tell they put a lot of thought and consideration into my commission, as well as every other piece they create 🙂

Ella Hammond

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“Their energetic painting style breathes life into any space”

Lex’s art is beautiful and incredibly unique! Their energetic painting style breathes life into any space. I adore the portrait they painted for me to commemorate my bridal shower. 💛 They’re also incredibly sweet!! Thanks, Lex!

Michelle Noel

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“arrived in perfect condition”

Lex is a lovely and talented human! I love the portrait they did for me and I could tell they packaged it with care to make sure it arrived in perfect condition.

Danielle Maddie

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“inspired and beautiful rendition of the original photo”

Beyond grateful and thrilled to finally have my own piece by you! You’ve been, I credit, thoughtful and communicative throughout the entire process, and I couldn’t have asked for a more inspired and beautiful rendition of the original photo. Thank you!

Ellesmira Heath

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