Meaning Behind the Artwork: Stagnant Solitude
Meaning Behind the Artwork: Stagnant Solitude

Meaning Behind the Artwork: Stagnant Solitude

Stagnant Solitude

A piece about complacency and moving forward.

Stagnant Solitude. 2022. Acrylic on Canvas. 11×14 inches. The Human Condition series.

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A pale skinned nude figure looks off beyond the right side of the composition as they pull on their long dark hair. The figures body faces forward in a sitting position with one knee raised, perpendicular with the horizon line. The figure is set within a calm green watered pond. The composition is broken up into three distinct layers: a beige sky, a flat olive green water surface, and deeper earth tones under the water’s surface.


Complacency is a toxic form of comfortability. Despite the calling to stay for a while longer in warm waters, the body becomes thick with biofilm, stagnates, and the silty floor falls into sludge wear there once was clarity and stillness.


Stagnant Solitude was created in late 2022 as part of The Human Condition series.

“I investigate the stories of humanity via brushstrokes on canvas – but not the ones which we share with anyone outside our own minds. My figurative paintings inspired by nature echo the emotions that we experience in solitude. By mixing one color at a time and layering them into human forms, creatures, and landscapes, I reveal moments of intimacy, reflection, tragedy, and grief – the human condition. ” – Lex R Thomas


Locations Shown

forthcoming September 2023 | Collaboration w/ Scott Finch | Duo Exhibition | Frameworks Gallery | Baton Rouge, LA

June 2023 | Bare Walls Annual Exhibition | Group Exhibition | Basin Arts | Lafayette, LA

January 2023 | The Human Condition | Solo Exhibition | Gallery R | Lafayette, LA


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