Lex R Thomas
About Lex R Thomas

About Lex R Thomas

Artist Statement

My current body of work Internal Wilderness explores the relationship between solitude and our collective experience of it. I reveal intimate moments of the human condition by utilizing a variety of landscapes to serve as various reflections of our internal environment. The intense experiences within grief, shame, and loneliness lend a sharp departure from the present. These transitional states isolate us in a foreign world with only the company and guidance of our own minds. I create to explore (and normalize) the discomfort of that foreign world within myself.

Artist Biography

Lex R. Thomas (b. 1996) is a queer figurative artist who currently works and lives in Lafayette, Louisiana. Raised in the rural outskirts of Acadiana, Lex grew up surrounded by the natural world, tucked away within lush fields of sugarcane and pastures.

In early adulthood, Lex started experiencing ongoing pain associated with various chronic illnesses and started layering personal catharsis into their artistic practice. Lex completed their education in 2020 at Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. This formal education inspired themes of the varied nature of human existence.The diversity of human experience and our interconnectedness with nature continue to play a central role in their work. The use of self-portraiture is prominent, directly asking the viewer to form a connection with the artist.

Lex embraces expressive mark-making to capture the mental states of figures nestled in botanicals and other environmental phenomena. Within 2023, Lex R.Thomas presented work in the juried exhibition Cur Non at the Acadiana Center for the Arts, hosted their solo show The Human Condition at Gallery R, and participated in group exhibitions Assez/Enough, Bare Walls, and LinkRot. Lex is also a founding member of the artist collaboration Loudhouse and was announced as a recipient for ArtSpark, an individual artist grant for the 2023 cycle.


Lex is registered in local Acadiana artist’s directories: Acadiana Culturalyst & Bare Walls

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