Finding the Right Artist for Custom Artwork
Finding the Right Artist for Custom Artwork

Finding the Right Artist for Custom Artwork

How to Find an Artist

Local & Online Avenues

If you want to support local, consider checking out local artist directories! Call your local art galleries, or see which artists are listed in your service area on google maps. If you can meet up with local artists at arts & craft fairs, this is a great way to see if you make a connection with the artist by being able to speak directly with them! Acadiana Culturalyst is a fantastic directory in my home area. You can check my Culturalist listing here. Once you find an artist, you should ask yourself ” Is this the right artist for custom artwork that I need?”

If not, narrow your search based on art style, media, or subject matter. You can find an artist that focuses on your specific needs on sites such as Instagram, Etsy, or through a direct google search! Try searching something like “ Expressionist Pet Portraits in Acrylic Paint ”

Artist for Custom Artwork ink portrait of a dressed figure with medium wavy hair surrounded by yellow magnolias cicadas and a cow skull

How to Know if an Artist is Good Fit

Looking at Their Professional Portfolio

Look at their work, does the style of the work resonate with you?

Do they specialize in the subject matter you want captured? While the artist may very much be able to create a fantastic piece outside of their own niche, typically you wouldn’t want to ask someone who only displays landscapes in their portfolio to create a portrait of a person for you.

Will it Break the Budget?

While it is rare for professional artists to have fully developed pricing guidelines for their custom work, often they will list their starting prices.

Keep in mind that an artist already well established in their career price their work accordingly. Established artists have higher quotes, often having already built-up trust in their buyers by displaying an expert technical skillset over the course of their career. This will be reflected in their portfolio.

Supporting an emerging artist might be the right choice for your situation! If you are really interested in an emerging artist’s style and like the work they share, you can support their art career — often for a lower price than artists established in their careers.

The Artist’s Online Presence

First of all, do you vibe with their personality? You will be sharing ideas back and forth with the artist throughout the entire process. It is important that you get along with one another! Do you want to work with someone professional & concise, flexible & passionate, or technical & detail oriented?

An artist’s website should contain all the information you need to know to help you make that decision! Some artists may choose to share this on their socials. You are more likely to be able to trust them if they include information about their creative work such as:

  • Visual Gallery of their work (portfolio)

  • Details on why they make the work they do (about me)

  • Information about their artistic process or the services they provide.

  • Testimonials from their past clients

  • How to reach them with any questions (contact information)

Reaching Out to the Artist

Is the Artist Professional & Friendly?

  • The artist is responsive and friendly. The typical response time should be within 1-3 business days.
  • The artist takes time to answers your questions.
  • The artist gathers important information about what you are looking for in a custom piece and gives you a direct quote.
  • Offers a contract with the following information present:
    • Total Cost of the Commission
    • Payment terms / Deposit Amount
    • Detailed information of what is to be expected from the final custom piece. (Size, subject matter, materials, etc.)

Are you currently looking for an artist to create something unique for you?

These industry standard principles are what I hold my myself & my professional work to. After seven years of creating fine art, I’ve found a great love in creating custom work for a variety of folk! I’m not just creating a piece of art for my clients, but also connecting and forming genuine relationships with them. Have any questions? Fill out my contact form. I’d love to chat!

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