Art Circle Interview with Basin Arts
Art Circle Interview with Basin Arts

Art Circle Interview with Basin Arts

A Pleasant Surprise

Did you know that I was Basin Art’s featured Art Circle artist last week? When Taylor from Basin Arts reached out to me via email the week prior, I was super stoked for the opportunity! I’ve seen many Artist Circle takeovers from fellow creatives in the Lafayette community, and always enjoyed learning about artists who are making work here in Acadiana. Little did I know, I would be invited one day to participate in the program – and on my birthday at that! I found out that the feature would be taking place the Thursday before my The Human Conditioning open reception. I decided to showcase my work that would be featured the following Saturday with some little hidden secrets alongside them for the Instagram Story Takeover over on their account.

Artist Questionnaire 

Alongside the Instagram story takeover, I was also featured on the Basin Art’s website where I answered a handful of questions.

Who makes up your art circle?

I have much love to throw around when it comes to celebrating those who make me a better artist – and person! My first shoutout goes to my partner & fellow creative, Louis Deumite. Thank you for making home a safe place to learn, create, and grow. My inner art circle is my family. My mom, siblings, and friends have supported my creative career from the very beginning, before I held any confidence of my artistic abilities. To my crew: Angel, Matthew, Alex, Kate, Jared, Brooke, & Morgan… I love y’all!
Others that are essential to my art making process are my fellow creatives in
Acadiana that inspire & validate my experiences. As an emerging artist, I am super
thankful for those who’ve reached out with advice or support. I’ve been quickly welcomed into the artistic community here in Lafayette. The biggest thanks to Beth Lejeune, Susan David, Herb Roe, Dustin Reed for granting me opportunities I never had before. A very special thanks to Camille Banuchi who’s inspired my figurative work and took me under her wing when I was first starting out.

To read the full interview, I’ll refer you over to their blog post Introducing Lex R. Thomas

Thanks for the great shout-out Basin Arts!

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