Lex R Thomas

Lex R Thomas

Surrealism in Ink

My inkwork focuses on catharsis, identity, and empowerment through the human experience. I’ve been told that my “mark” is the most prominent feature in my creations, ink and brushwork alike. I attribute my unique art...
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Memorable Pet Portraits

As a pet parent myself, I know just how important they are in our hearts! In my seven years of professional art making experience, I’ve painted pets more than anything else. Clients have trusted me...
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Expressive Acrylic Paintings

I investigate the stories of humanity via brushstrokes on canvas – but not the ones which we share with anyone outside our own minds. My figurative paintings inspired by nature echo the emotions that we...
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about me lex r thomas portrait artist sitting in a golden chair wearing boots a long blue skirt and black turtleneck

A Queer portrait artist based in Lafayette, Louisiana

Expressionist with a Focus on
Portraits, Botanicals & Existence

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Frequently Asked Questions

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